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Today, we again have our Career Mode ON as we are about to talk about a question that is truly not liked by many individuals out there

Where do you see yourself in ten years?

It can be an extremely hard to answer this question because you may question which is truly not liked by many individuals out there

Where do you see yourself in ten years?

It can be an extremely hard to answer this question because you may yourself admitted in your dream institute or in a top university but you stand confused as to what should you do next to grow?

Wise Career Developmental strategies

The world is more than just a place to live on. It has the capacity to provide you knowledge even in the smallest of things if you have the eye and the brain to understand it. To know how you can make yourself grow, you first,


It provides you insight on where you stand in your field and where do you want to be in a set period of time. You self-reflect whether you are satisfied with your studies or not, whether the field is worth investing your resources in and so on.

Field Shadows

For example, you are pursing Chemistry from a renowned institute. But your subject is merely a branch from a huge tree. Your time in the institute is the best time to explore around other fields Meet people who are in a different field and ask them what do they do with the time they have been given This would give you different perspective as to what others are doing to reach their goal.

Set short term goals

To reach your ultimate goal, we need to create various levels or otherwise known as short term goals, and win over them to move forward. When you work to win over these goals, you acquire new skill sets which improve as you go on.

Get the training you need.

If your university does not offer it, then you can always look for places who does. You can enrol for online courses at a professional centre or get enrolled at a community college. You can improve on specific job skills outside your field such as the fan favourite sales and marketing, or you could be improving on your soft skills such as leadership or creative thinking or you could be learning something new out of your area of expertise.

Your PROFS your allies

Your professor is more than somebody who just teaches and gives you a score. They can help you fetch opportunities for your field shadows and be your very own career cheerleader.

Keep your network strong

It is rightly said, you cannot achieve everything until you have somebody helping you from behind. Maintaining and nurturing your network is essential for your career growth as they present you with training opportunities their own set of contacts etc. When you reach out to people with comparable jobs in their field, you take on their impulse with the ongoing industry trends.

And that it for today blog! We hope you enjoyed our insight as you got to learn something new out of it. Let us know what has been your favorite part, your queries and what else we shall cover for you next.

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