Brain Boosting Foods For Students To Enhance Mental Ability

Brain boosting foods and good nutrition during exams is a key element. It aids the student in concentrating and increases attention, Brain foods are any food products that contain nutrients, vitamins, good fats that benefit or boost brain functions. Meat, oily fish, nuts, oats, beans, sprouts etc. are few food items known to be beneficial for the brain.

Whole grains:

  • Whole grains are an important source of complex carbohydrates, various vitamins, rich sources of iron and zinc.
  • Whole grains slowly release carbohydrates in the body which help in maintaining the sugar levels in the body.
  • Starting your day with a bowl of whole-grain cereal gives you the kick start that you need for a productive day.


  • Drinking water has many benefits. It is important to stay hydrated because if your body is dehydrated then it may lead to headaches, decreased concentration levels, etc.
  • Thus drinking enough water during exams improves memory and attention during exams.
  • In fact, drinking water increases one’s ability to focus and also increases the retention and recall power of the individual.


  • Having protein rich food may lead to increased mental awareness of the individual before exams.
  • Foods like eggs, yogurt, cheese, and nuts are rich in proteins. Like our mother gives us yoghurt before an exam because it increases mental awareness during exams. Eating nuts improves the mental power of the individual.

Green Vegetables:

  • Vegetables are great source of fiber and they release energy slowly into our bloodstream. It would not give us immediate energy, so it would lead to increased attention.
  • Good sources of fiber are broccoli and carrot. Iron is an important element during exams as deficiency of iron may lead to decreased attention and tiredness. Green leafy vegetables are the best sources of iron.


  • Fruits are great source of fiber and they release energy slowly into our bloodstream, it would not give us immediate energy, so it would lead to increased attention.
  • Like apples, raspberries, and bananas, etc are good sources.
  • Citrus fruits like oranges give us vitamin C which is important for metabolism. So eating fruits may enhance memory power and keep you alert.

Bacopa Monnieri (Brahmi) Leaves:

  • Having Brahmi leaves during exams may increase spatial learning and the ability to retain more information
  • Brahmi leaves decrease anxiety and stress, elevating the mood by reducing the levels of cortisol (stress hormone) in the body.

Fish oil:

  • Fish oil contains Omega-3 (which are the fatty acids that come under polyunsaturated fats which have many health benefits) which improves reading ability, and improves memory functions.

Above listed brain boosting foods collectively can:

  • Boost your memory
  • Enhance your mental ability
  • Increase concentration
  • Reduce the chances of catching many a diseases



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