How to live a Substaining Lifestyle

The life we are living today is definitely dependent on others. Imagine a life where you can do most of the things yourself. Such a lifestyle is called a self- sustaining lifestyle.
There are a lot of benefits of living a self-sustaining lifestyle. It’s not only a healthier choice but also helps you save money.
Now just think about it! Can you have your meals if you don’t use anything bought from the market? If you can, you are already living a self-sufficient lifestyle.
Let’s take a look at the best ways to live a self-sufficient lifestyle.

Grow organic food and use the seeds next time

We can dream about becoming a princess or the President of the country in our school days but we cannot use this ideology as soon as we step into our secondary education and then later college. We need to have a clear judgement of “What do we want to become for the rest of our life?’ because without that concept we might stay confused even after our graduation. There are dreams when we dream when we are asleep and there are dreams which do not let us sleep. Think about those dreams which you are desperate about and then start doing your research bit by bit.

Look for colleges recognized the best in your field

This is the first step towards a self-sustaining lifestyle. If you can grow your food you are sorted. It means you don’t depend on others for your meals. Also you don’t have to spend a lot to eat good and healthy food. Apart from that whatever you have in excess consider preserving it by freezing, dehydrating and canning to use in the future.
So take this first step and start growing organic fruits, vegetables and cereals. Use them to prepare your meals. Also don’t forget to save the seeds to grow your food next time. This way you don’t have to buy seeds next time and you will be able to keep a check on the quality of food you are growing.

Prepare all the cooking ingredients yourself

This one is also quite interesting and useful for a self-sustaining lifestyle. Let’s understand this with an example. Let’s say you have pizza on the menu. Now think about the ingredients. People usually buy mozzarella cheese, tomatoes, pizza sauce and other ingredients from the market.
But you should make all these things at home. Grow tomatoes, make mozzarella cheese and pizza sauce. Make your own pizza base. Your pizza will not only be very fresh and healthy but will also help you take a step forward in a self-sustaining lifestyle.

Use cloth in place of paper and tissues

Have you ever paid attention to how much paper/wipes we waste on a daily basis? Using kitchen tissues, face tissues and paper napkins add to our expenses as well as to the waste.
Choose cloth over paper tissues and wipes. It is not only economical but also helps reduce waste to a great extent. You can buy clothes for cleaning purpose and if you don’t want to buy them, cut your old t shirts/shirts to serve the purpose.
The above 3 tips will surely help you live a lifestyle with more satisfaction and less worries. Still we will end it with a bonus tip (last but not the least).
Do It Yourself! Try to DIY almost everything. Learn new skills on a regular basis to do things yourself. For example, carpentry, sewing, preparing food ingredients at home and a lot more. The list will grow with time and one day you will be able to do a lot yourself. So all the best for a journey of a self- sufficient life.



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