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Since we all are in our growing years, we might have come across these terms too frequently Career, Job, Occupation. But do these terms have the same meaning? These terms may have the same base meaning, i.e., growth but they are as different as curd, cheese and butter.
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Understanding what is Career, Job and Occupation.
So, our dearest Career Diwanes, you must be wondering why We must know the real meaning of Career, Job and Occupation. Well, it important because even though these terms are synonyms they do differ in their meaning. Career is a list of experiences and achievements in field that you have an aptitude for. For example, our guruji MR. AADI GARG, made his career in Career Psychology. He took up psychology as a major for his undergraduate degree, then his masters plus practical work experience in Career Psychology to make his career as a Career Counsellor and open up his very known AADI Career Centre.
Job is a practical work experience in which you earn your daily bread. A job is usually viewed in the corporate as you work for somebody else. It is also the starting of point of your career as you move up in your hierarchy chain thus growing in achievements and work experiences.
Occupation is your professional identity. For example, Aaina Kaur is a writer. Here, Aaina Kaur is a person whose occupation is writing. If there are any synonyms which would come near the meaning of occupation, then that would be profession.
Your career, job and occupation would remain indefinite if you do not know your real aptitude. For example, in your initial career years, you would try a number of professional fields like Sales/Marketing, HR, Content writing etc., but once you discover your aptitude that your career and occupation would start taking a shape.
As our Guruji, Mr. AADI GARG, says, You should be career oriented and not job oriented as you will be aiming for the moon in order to achieve a building. And that it for today blog! We hope you enjoyed our insight as you got to learn something new out of it. Let us know what has been your favorite part, your queries and what else we shall cover for you next.
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