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Hello dear readers! We welcome you back again. For those who are new here, we welcome you to the AADI GARG blog where we aim at sharing our insights about modern education and career guidance along with child/adolescent counselling and many more.
For today blog, we shall give you an insight about the crucial phase of your life which might not entirely define your career but its a road on which you decide to walk on.

Know where your interest at

As we explained in our previous blog ‘Let’s follow our own paths!”, before signing up for any course, make sure you know where your real interest and passion lie and you’re not blindly following any Sharma Ji Beta. It’s important to you know what you wish to pursue for your career because it gives you a framework of what you want to learn in your course. If you know what you wish you to do, then you may as well follow the rest of the steps we will mention later but if you are confused then we suggest you to consult your nearest career counsellors.

Look for colleges/university best in your field

A crucial point from ‘Yeh Raha Mera College!”, start looking for colleges/universities recognized the best in your field. You always start with a baby step where by Googling colleges/universities and look around in their websites.

Look at the Programs/Courses they are providing

For example, you are medical student aspiring to study in Johns Hopkins University, then the first thing you should do is to check their website and look into the programs they provide for a degree. While scrolling through the programs, you come across that one course which matches your 90% interest. The university page provides a full detail about the programs they are offering, so make sure you go through the entire syllabus which is taught during each semester.
In order to know more about the course, contact admission cells in the institution who provide their assistance or contact their alumni who will guide you to the course and life at their institution.
Many companies see colleges/universities as gateway for hiring new talent. Colleges/Universities mention the companies and packages they offer to freshly graduated students on their websites.
Look through the details of the highest packages provided by a particular company.

Degree is road you decide to walk on

Remember when we mentioned earlier that choosing a degree does not really define your career which its road on which we decide to walk on?
A student can be medical aspirant but while studying along the way he/she is always exposed to various opportunities. We highly suggest you to do not keep your doors open to the field you chosen. Be open to learn new skills, join people on platforms like Linkedin to broaden your perspective.
You may be student studying the whereabouts Shakespeare but you can have the skills of using Exel or marketing etc.
So that brings us to the end of this blog. We hope we are able to provide some helpful tips in choosing the right course for your higher studies. If you found this article any useful, make sure you spread this blog who can use some tricks for choosing the suitable program for themselves.
Let us know what else you shall like our insight about but until then.



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