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If you’ve read our blog ‘Building Career Paths’, we talked about the significance of career counselling. Today we brought you an extension of the same.
When is the right time to consult a career counsellor?
Well do not you worry there because we have just the right answer for you.

When you are at a stage when you are most confused

Career counselling may sound royal within the rich or a waste of money within the working class but one should opt for a career counselling when a person is most confused or lost about their paths. Sometimes we blindly follow the topper of the class or we come across those who do not believe in the concept of career counselling since some passionate students have it all planned and all we need to do is follow them.
But the key point is that you are not that topper or someone who knows what he/she wants to do in life. You are you. You have your own personality, talents etc., which makes you different from everybody else.
So, even though both career counsellors and therapists would be called psychologists but their work and research would vary greatly.
You should opt for a career counselling when you’re confronted by a thousand paths yet you are confused in choosing that one path to walk on. A career counsellor will have a look at your background but they will never judge on the basis of your past. A counsellor works on building a path which defines your future, so your present would be a concern than your past, as it only makes sense, to reach a new station of progressive opportunities instead of going back to the regressive ones.
You can be student freshly graduated from your tenth grade, twelfth grade or even your Bachelors or Masters and yet you can have a career counselling to know where your real interest lies.
As we mentioned in our blog ‘Building Career Paths’, one should believe in the power of career counselling as it is a lot more than consultation session.
Career counselling not only just provide you with opportunities but it works on providing you a path where you flourish in your personality as well as growing in your passionate interest.
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