Importance of Post Graduation Educational

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It is always grand to see your certificates decorated on your wall but why did you decided to pursue masters? Was it really your passion or did you follow the herd?
Its always right to pursue a masters in a field you have a passion and aptitude for but you should really consider the thought of pursuing masters if you feel like following the intellectual crowd.

Learning your six parameters

To know whether you can pursue a Masters degree or not you should always know whether you have the aptitude for it or not. According to our Guruji Mr. AADI GARG, you are tested on the basis of six parameters. Interest, Aptitude. Personality, Intelligence, Social Intelligence and Emotional Intelligence.
A possible career is decided on the basis of further three parameters, i.e., Nature of work, Social environment and Occupational Climate.
After your undergraduate degree, there are many professional courses where you can put your hands into but if we are to broadly categorize them, they are of three types, Certification, Diploma and Degree. As every person is different from one another, so is their aptitude. A group of individuals would have an aptitude for Masters (degree) while few would have for certification and diploma.

Breaking the Masters Taboo

Even though there are many taboos relating to careers out there but if were to talk about the most popular one, we think many would agree on Masters after graduation to be one of them. It is true that a Masters degree on your resume would increase your stakes on getting ahead in your career somewhat higher, but even a masters degree would be useless if you have not gained any skill or practical knowledge out of it.
It is difficult to know whether you are made for pursuing Masters or not, if you are to do things on your own. If you are confused whether you have a Masters degree written in your destiny, then we suggest you to consult a career counsellor who can guide you better about your future.
Following your successful relatives or your class toppers can be fairly harmful because your career is not a guess game and gambling with it would not be fair to your life. One should always follow a path where your abilities and talents shine to the best of its ability.
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Don't impose the old ideas

Now this one parents do a lot. They tell their children that in our times this was good and that was bad. For instance, parents force their children to choose science stream and not to even think about arts stream.
Now just think about it! If a child is very creative, loves the decoration work, is it ok to force him/her to become a doctor or engineer? Isn’t interior designing a better career option for him or her?
Also parents need to understand that the career scope today is not the same as 20 or 30 years ago. Since it changes with time, there is no point in imposing your ideas and beliefs on your children. Last but not the least, if you support your children in their career choices, it will encourage them to do a lot better in their careers. On the other hand, if you demoralize them thinking they didn’t choose what you wanted them to, it will surely do harm.
Even if they excel in their career, they won’t forget about the hurdles in their career path. And that’s not the kind of relationship you want to have with your child. So choose to support your child’s career and see him/her win the world.



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