Sibling Rivalry-How to resolve it today

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Today, we are taking a detour from our Career ka Gyan, to talk about what usually happens in our personal lives. If you are a single child, then you might not have to worry about this but if your sibling is always up for a fight, then.
Its alright! We are here to resolve the Mahabharat.

Focusing on the problem, not the person

You buy a beautiful dress for yourself. You worn it once or twice and suddenly: you lose the dress. Now, in such cases you are bound to lose your head because you might spent a fortune to buy your favorite pieces and one of the first people who would be blamed can be your sibling. Here, your problem would be the lost dress and the person would be your sibling.
The real problem of sibling rivalry would begin by letting your emotions in and putting the full blame on your sibling. Instead of doing that, one should always think about the problem calmly and then make a judgement.

Help the siblings to arrive at a middle ground

Now that you understood the problem and the siblings perspective, parents need to help their children to arrive at an agreement which would not only ensure the calming of the storm but also the problem is not repeated in the future.
For example, helping the child finding the lost dress, dividing hours for watching TV, and so on.
An important note, to avoid sibling rivalry it is important that the siblings to know and understand each other so that they are able to come to an agreement without their parents help. No relationship is perfect, so if there an argument or disagreement arising, then it is totally okay. Children learn to reason, negotiate, empathize and learn to control real life conflict resolving problems through such debates. If a child learns to show tantrums or break off a valuable vase, it would turn into habit which has the full capacity to become a core nature of the child.
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