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They are best friends with your performance

In one of our previous blogs Phones and Procrastination, we explained how phones and procrastination became best friends to work together to tamper with your performance. Procrastination is enemies with study habits and it will do whatever it can to prevent you from adopting one. If procrastination was helping you grow then it would have beneficial to not adopt study habits but since this isn’t the case, it is important to overcome it before its too late.
A student with a low or average score are the ones who would often themselves procrastinating while top scorers are always found following their basic study/working habits.
It is important to realize that study habits are best friends with your performance. The more you get adapted to them, the higher you get a chance in achieving success.

How to adopt study habits

If you are a person who wants to excel in their studies then we have the right answer for you.
As explained in our previous blog Hacks to Academic Achievement, your success rate is not determined on the basis of IQ and hard work. It needs study habits to work together to make up a result.
In order to achieve a particular aim, you should first enter the flow state of working/studying. Entering a flow state would be defined as a state where you would utterly devote yourself into working/studying and disregard external factors such eating, drinking etc. It is important to enter a flow state as it determines and improves your self-discipline, resilience and motivation.
To enter, make sure you are avoiding all sorts of distractions such as your mobile notifications even if its exceptionally important because once your state is broken it is hard to get back into the state again.
The next step should be of having a productive routine. Things cannot merely work if you do them whenever you feel like. When you adopt a productive routine, you become aware of your time and everyday actions and you are able to take some productive decisions at the end of the day.
Your friends can define your future, so it is important to surround yourself with people from whom you can learn and grow every single day.
Not everybody gets to see tomorrow. Not everybody gets three meals a day. Not everybody has clothes to cover themselves and a rooftop to protect from the rain. Successful people practice gratitude for everything good happening in their life. If are to speak from the point of view of evolution, we tend to react to threats in order to survive, but that does not mean we should always be surrounded by negativity. Gratitude helps us to maintain a positive mindset which in turn raises the stakes of our success even higher.
Remember, be thankful for every good thing happening to you because our life is too short to remain negative.
Everybody sets a goal but only a few are able to achieve it. that because majority does not have the courage to sacrifice in order to achieve. If you have to give up on your social life in order to get good grades then you would have to that because you cannot get things done your way.
Lastly, successful people know what they want in their life. They keep their aim clear that they want to grow this much in this span of time and they do not stop at any cost.
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