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Hey Career Diwanes and welcome back to our blog! We hope you missed us as much as we itched back to present yet another insight you really wished you knew earlier.
For those of you who keep a regular tab of our updates we welcome you back but for those of you who are new, we welcome you to the AADI GARG’s blog where we share some useful insights on education and career guidance, mental health/growth tips, child/adolescent counselling and many more.
We see so many hacks tips online because why not? Everybody likes an easy way of any hard road. Our hard road for today is Academic & vege1 Achievement and we’re sure that you definitely need some hacks so that you can ace your tenth/twelfth/graduation result etc., which much more ease.
So, if you are interested in learning about these hacks, then we recommend you to keep on reading.
We will top our batch this year!

Achievement is more than IQ and Hard Work

If we are talk about our body, it is made up of collective organ systems performing each specific and important functions. The cardiovascular system gives a blood transportation system, digestive system helps us consume energy, nervous systems determine our daily actions etc. If we remove any one of them or rely on just one system, our body is bound to fail.
Same applies to academic achievement.
Your intelligence quotient (IQ) determines how well you understand and react to your surroundings. It varies from human to human. An IQ has a significant role to play in your achievement but it is not sufficient to totally rely on them.
Similarly, every human works hard but how much they do, again, varies from person to person. An average student is working harder than a top student but they are not able to high score.

Recognizing hacks to improve your study habits

If your goal is to be the top student of your batch then you need plan.
It is important to centralize and decentralize your study and routine all together. When you are studying, don’t just rely on swallowing your textbook but focus on what your examiner wants in your answers. This can be achieved by solving practice exams.
Divide your subjects with different time slots and give your proper focus to each subject.
You can run 10 miles without stopping but you can complete a marathon with proper breaks between. All work and no play make a man dull, so make sure you are rejuvenating yourself time-to-time.
The road to achievement is always a hard one and factors like procrastination, over focus/hard work etc., can really tamper with your results. When you are studying it is important to adapt, self-discipline, resilience and self-motivation which keeps you going on your planned journey.
And that it for today blog! We hope you enjoyed our insight as you got to learn something new out of it. Let us know what has been your favorite part, your queries and what else we shall cover for you next.
We hope you all have a splendid day ahead as we will see you next time!



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