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Whats up Career Diwanes? We hope you are having a productive day as we are back with yet another insight you really should not miss.
For those of you who are a fan of our Guruji and keep a regular update of our blog. we welcome you back but for those of who are new, we welcome you the AADI GARG blog where we share some useful insights education and career guidance, mental health/growth tips, child/adolescent counselling and many more.
We may not be celebrities but we at some point in our lives we experience the phase of interviews. Since we are hardly questioned about ourselves facing an interview can be overwhelming especially in a corporate. But do not worry, today we are here to provide the insight on how to ace an interview.
Okay candidate, tell us about yourself.

What should you expect in an interview?

as they try to picture you as a part of the team. When you are asked to talk about yourself, imagine yourself that you are talking a new person who is eager to be friends with you. You give a brief description about yourself which would include your interests, education and a little look into your daily life. Once you are past that, you are asked about the reference of the job opening, your reasons for applying for it and if you have any experience in the particular field, example, Marketing.
To make things a little bit challenging, you are asked about some technical terms about the job opening. If your aim is to join a company, then job openings, interviews and later, target overlooking is controlled by a team of specialists which make up the HR or Human Resource Department.

What should you do for an interview?

Make sure you have papers ready for example, your Curriculum Vitae CV, matriculation and senior secondary certificates, Your college certificates, Identity proof and so on. Dress boldly as it will make you seem like a hardworking person. You should know about the working place you applied for the position. For example, if you are applying to Amazon, then you should keep a tab of their progress, especially the department you are applying to.
This is the homework your interviewer would expect you to do.
When you are called in, your interviewer would include a member from the HR department and sometimes, the board members of the company.
They will not judge you on the basis of your academic background as that would be the same you being judged by Sharma Ji. They would assess you for your skills in the field, along with speaking abilities, as a company aims at looking after your growth as well.
Just remember to be confident and serious about your job because if show which deteriorates your professional personality, then thats game over for you already.
And thats it for today, we hope you enjoyed todays blog and let us know if you have any queries and what else we shall cover for you next.
We hope you are having a progressive day ahead and we shall see you next time!



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