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Greetings to my fellow readers! Its good to come back here on this platform and share our insights with you again. For today’s blog, we’ve come up with something which might be stressing the students of IX and X as they gear up for their, deep breath, an unending of series of tests to give that one exam which determines their future.
Yeah! That’s correct!
Today we will try to provide you an answer to that specific question, which has been troubling you along with your Board Exams.
So, if you feel this blog is the answer to the problem you been facing then we highly recommend you to keep reading. If you have already decided your path, we would still oblige to keep reading since we are definitely sure that this article will interest you.
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There no such thing as Medical/Non-Medical/Commerce/Arts

Dear readers, don’t worry you’ve read the right heading, because its fact not many people are aware of. CBSE provides a total of 272 subjects for your mainstream and additional secondary certificate, along with 03 subjects for internal assessment. Affiliated schools follow a combination pattern which is provided by CBSE itself, which later gets tagged as.

Understanding the combination pattern of subjects in CBSE

According to the 2019-20 curriculum, out of the 272+03 subjects offered, CBSE mandates a student to select five main subjects, where they can choose an additional subject and three internal assessment subjects. Most schools provide subjects like Physics, Psychology, Mathematics, Accountancy, etc.. thus grouping the concept of Science, Commerce and Arts. If you’re concerned about choosing your subjects in a CBSE affiliated school, then we suggest you to go through their Senior Secondary curriculum and then look for the school providing you with your interested subject.

Know where your interest and strength lie!

Before choosing any line, its essential to understand where your interest/strength lie. Instead of facilitating yourself and your family to the Sharma Ji Ke Bete, make sure you understand the working of CBSE for Secondary Education and then look for the subjects you have the most confidence in. If you already know your strengths and weaknesses, then all you have to do is choose your subjects and your school. If you’re confused, then we highly advise you to take an aptitude test by your nearest career counselors.

Have your aim focused!

Once you know where your interest lies, a student should always remember that once they start filling their admission forms with their chosen subjects, your career life starts taking a shape. With strength comes responsibility, so never take your subjects, exams, internals and your institution for granted. If you wish you to pursue a collegiate degree in your specialized subject then, work hard like you have an exam tomorrow, and your efforts will definitely pay you off!
As much as everyone states that determining your life after your matriculation is important but you do not need to flow in its dramatized drill leaving you with nothing but stress.
Always remember, you can only excel in things which has your interest deep rooted in its functioning.
Well, thats brings us to the end of this blog. We hope that this blog might’ve answered some of your crucial questions and somewhere have you hyped up for your life ahead!
Let us know what else would you like to know more about and we shall heed to your request!



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