Screen Time – Parents vs Children

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We would like to welcome to our child/adolescent well-being guidance series, where we are taking a detour from our everyday career insights series and talk about the problems of dear Indian children/teenager.
It all starts with a game of Subway Surfers on your Parents phone till you join your Maths/Science tuitions in your 9th grade where your mobile becomes a necessity. But we all can agree that giving a mobile phone to your child is more than just keaning in touch.
Its a true combat between parents and children when it comes to adjusting screen times, where parents want their kid to live a balanced life and the kid only wants to upload a Snapchat story.
Today, We are analysing this very famous fight of screen time.

Its the technologys fault!

Well to answer your question, yes, we are and that why we are talking about the technology fault. But before we make any comment, do you think this statement really stands true?
Technology was created to make things simpler. For example, there was a time when CBSE 10th/12th results were announced through the newspapers and it is burdensome for a household to look over every section of the page in order to know their results. Ever since we had the blessing of improved technology, we just need our Roll no. and the CBSE website and boom! You have your results within seconds.
Yes, we agree the times we simpler in the 20th century where phones were a mere luxury, but, because communication is a necessity, the technology required an urgent improvement so that communication remains smooth.
Technology made things simpler but it is not perfect. It made our kids love it too much to the point where they cannot swallow their food without it but at the same time, parents have also become nearly dependent on it as much as their kids.

How do we end this screen time fight?

Technology is a formidable opponent who uses fast movement and instant gratification as their wing commanders to take over the population and sometimes, it would seem impossible to ever conquer this opponent.
But dear readers, the problem is not about ending technology. Its about establishing a better life and relationship between parents and their kids. Believe it or not, but technology is formidable yet controllable. Since, technology today is a necessity, so instead of looking at it as a curse, you can use it in your favour.
Use it to teach your kids about life skills they will be requiring in the future. For example, teaching your kids about emotions and how to use them properly, how to use technology for studies, organizing and so on.
And that it for today blog! We hope you enjoyed our insight as you got to learn something new out of it. Let us know what has been your favorite part, your queries and what else we shall cover for you next.
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