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We cannot help but agree that at times, school puts in a lot of pressure on studying and running ahead as if you’re in a race instead of teaching some important yet useful skills which are necessary in the real world, but do not you worry there, we have got you covered.
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Okay Diwanes! Lets start with lesson number #1


When you are in a progressive environment, you come across all types of people with different Intelligence Quotient (IQ), Emotional Quotient (EQ), Creativity Quotient (CQ) and Adversity Quotient (AQ). You will find friends who share similar attributes as you but you may find yourself not talking to those who are totally different. Having empathy for others is always important as it helps us to understand various perspectives. Due to lack of empathy between students, many students find themselves being cornered as if they don’t belong there. Their skills would be overlooked and hence they would not be given a chance to grow with others.

#2.Conflict Resolving

If we are talk about the lack of empathy, it also leads to rising of conflicts. Conflicts mainly rise due to difference in opinions but it ends up with the either party attacking each other’s sentiment. It is important to learn to empathize as further learn to resolve conflicts easily.

#3.Ask Questions

Okay, we are not asking you to go full on KBC, but advising you to ask open ended questions which would keep an interaction going on. Humans are social beings so it is in our necessity to keep a regular touch with other human beings to survive. If we are to advise you, then we suggest you to ask questions who reply wont be precise and affirmative. For example, instead of asking, did you get into an Arts program, you can add further questions like what university did you get into? Why did you decided to go here? And etc.
Just remember to make an interaction going.


One of the most important skills which can be challenging to master for nice people all around the world. When you go out in the real world, many a times you would be given opportunities which would be said ‘good exposure’ but you would under paid and in such cases, you would need to negotiate. The skill of negotiation would not only be necessary with a sabji wala but sometimes even a business deal would depend upon it.

#5.Listening Skills and Body Language

One of the pros of being an empathetic person would be to acquire the skills of good listener. When you listen to perspective, you would learn to be patient enough to hear what the other person has to say instead of throwing in your random judgements after listening halfway through.
Your body language refers to your reaction to your environment. If you are sitting upright and your eyes and smile are lit up perfectly, then a person would assume you to be an active person whereas, if you are slouching too much then people would react accordingly. In advice, when interacting, we suggest you to make good eye contact and smile.
And thats it for todays blog! We hope you enjoyed our insight as you got to learn something new out of it. Let us know what has been your favorite part, your queries and what else we shall cover for you next.
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